Saturday, November 3, 2007

Why Is It So Expensive to Build An SEG?

This blog is dedicated to the people out there who barely passed high school science but think they can build an SEG, or even for those that are highly skilled professionals who think they can build one. The concept is simple, yet amazingly complex at the same time and reading different forums and discussions about this throughout the internet, I thought it would be a good idea to shed some light on this specific subject to answer people's questions and shut some other people up for a while.

Let me start with the basics... the SEG is made up of thousands of parts, not just a couple of ring magnets and cylinder magnets like it appears at a glance. Each of the components in the SEG have to be made from the same exact mold and material, meaning you can't use another batch of copper in a second pass to make additional rings or rollers, it's all or nothing. Not only that, but the materials, once processed and created, have to be machined down to micron specifications. That's basically within the same precision as the thickness of a human hair. The physics required is that every material throughout every ring and roller must be processed at the same time so that the atoms "match" and their molecular structure is consistent across the entire machine. In order to achieve the magnetization required to imprint the rings and rollers with the appropriate magnetic fields, a special machine is required to do so. This is because it imprints both AC and DC current at once, using very large amounts of both. This machine that was used to do this specifically is custom built, it isn't one you can buy, and there are only a few places in the world that have the capability of creating this machine. When professor Searl worked for a power company in his younger years, he had access to this equipment but today, they are not as easily attained. This is why you can't just run out and buy some magnets to make them spin in your garage and make power. You could probably demonstrate the simpler concepts with it, such as how Rochin and Godin (Google it) did and were able to show that the effect was real. This isn't "pseudoscience" like so many skeptics call it, there is solid scientific documentation on their experiment and results. Just because some people can't grasp or understand what they have discovered, or don't understand the physics of it themselves, doesn't make it pseudoscience. This same pseudoscience that the "real" scientists refer to is what has sparked innovation and new scientific discoveries for hundreds of years, not just what the lab rats do.

So here is what it comes down to... if you wanted to build an SEG, you would need to have access to the powders and raw materials such as copper and neodymium. You would also need the machines to press the neodymium and other materials (such as tin) and the ability to "treat" the neodymium to prevent corrosion. This is commonly achieved in an argon gas chamber. This is a very difficult process and requires special equipment that would cost you thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars, probably more. Once you have these materials created providing you know how to create and process them, you then need to machine them down on a special lathe that can shave the materials down to millionths of an inch without compromising the structure of the material (such as cracks or blemishes). This takes extensive time as well as money for the equipment to accomplish this, not to mention all of the equipment for weighing and measuring. Aside from all of the processing and materials required, it won't help you at all if you don't understand the math behind it, which is a closely guarded secret of Searl's even though he explains his principles using the Law of Squares. Without all of these things, you can't even begin to assemble an SEG, even if you had the specifications. Still think it's so simple? Do you have the money and resources to build one? I implore you to try then.... it will only be for the good of mankind.

I've followed Professor Searl's work for quite some time and his concepts are legitimate and scientifically sound. I have many valuable resources that I could share, but not unless people are really interested in them and for the right reasons. If I could, I would build an SEG since I have most of the information available to do so, but I know damn well that it takes a team of highly skilled, trustworthy individuals with the time, dedication, motivation and resources to make it happen. That in itself can be a greater challenge than proving something scientifically. It doesn't take a scientist to figure that out, just common sense.