Saturday, November 3, 2007

Why Is It So Expensive to Build An SEG?

This blog is dedicated to the people out there who barely passed high school science but think they can build an SEG, or even for those that are highly skilled professionals who think they can build one. The concept is simple, yet amazingly complex at the same time and reading different forums and discussions about this throughout the internet, I thought it would be a good idea to shed some light on this specific subject to answer people's questions and shut some other people up for a while.

Let me start with the basics... the SEG is made up of thousands of parts, not just a couple of ring magnets and cylinder magnets like it appears at a glance. Each of the components in the SEG have to be made from the same exact mold and material, meaning you can't use another batch of copper in a second pass to make additional rings or rollers, it's all or nothing. Not only that, but the materials, once processed and created, have to be machined down to micron specifications. That's basically within the same precision as the thickness of a human hair. The physics required is that every material throughout every ring and roller must be processed at the same time so that the atoms "match" and their molecular structure is consistent across the entire machine. In order to achieve the magnetization required to imprint the rings and rollers with the appropriate magnetic fields, a special machine is required to do so. This is because it imprints both AC and DC current at once, using very large amounts of both. This machine that was used to do this specifically is custom built, it isn't one you can buy, and there are only a few places in the world that have the capability of creating this machine. When professor Searl worked for a power company in his younger years, he had access to this equipment but today, they are not as easily attained. This is why you can't just run out and buy some magnets to make them spin in your garage and make power. You could probably demonstrate the simpler concepts with it, such as how Rochin and Godin (Google it) did and were able to show that the effect was real. This isn't "pseudoscience" like so many skeptics call it, there is solid scientific documentation on their experiment and results. Just because some people can't grasp or understand what they have discovered, or don't understand the physics of it themselves, doesn't make it pseudoscience. This same pseudoscience that the "real" scientists refer to is what has sparked innovation and new scientific discoveries for hundreds of years, not just what the lab rats do.

So here is what it comes down to... if you wanted to build an SEG, you would need to have access to the powders and raw materials such as copper and neodymium. You would also need the machines to press the neodymium and other materials (such as tin) and the ability to "treat" the neodymium to prevent corrosion. This is commonly achieved in an argon gas chamber. This is a very difficult process and requires special equipment that would cost you thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars, probably more. Once you have these materials created providing you know how to create and process them, you then need to machine them down on a special lathe that can shave the materials down to millionths of an inch without compromising the structure of the material (such as cracks or blemishes). This takes extensive time as well as money for the equipment to accomplish this, not to mention all of the equipment for weighing and measuring. Aside from all of the processing and materials required, it won't help you at all if you don't understand the math behind it, which is a closely guarded secret of Searl's even though he explains his principles using the Law of Squares. Without all of these things, you can't even begin to assemble an SEG, even if you had the specifications. Still think it's so simple? Do you have the money and resources to build one? I implore you to try then.... it will only be for the good of mankind.

I've followed Professor Searl's work for quite some time and his concepts are legitimate and scientifically sound. I have many valuable resources that I could share, but not unless people are really interested in them and for the right reasons. If I could, I would build an SEG since I have most of the information available to do so, but I know damn well that it takes a team of highly skilled, trustworthy individuals with the time, dedication, motivation and resources to make it happen. That in itself can be a greater challenge than proving something scientifically. It doesn't take a scientist to figure that out, just common sense.

Monday, October 29, 2007

A New Kind of Cold War...

So I watched this documentary on the Sundance Channel this weekend that I found to be highly enlightening and eye-opening, almost scary but at the same time, it was nothing that I didn't already know, it was just put into a different perspective. The name of the documentary is "Energy War" and one of the main speakers throughout it was a man by the name of Thomas Friedman. He is a highly acclaimed journalist and although I don't agree with every one of his views, he has done some interesting research on the link between Oil and Freedom. From what I gathered, he was able to take the cost of oil by the barrel over the last 50 years and compare that to the rate of growth in under-developed countries, the spread of democracy, economic growth and a myriad of other factors that contribute to the change in "freedom" throughout the world. What was fascinating was that when oil prices are low, economies flourish and develop, democracy has less resistance and countries liberate themselves from dependency. When oil prices are high, starvation, recessions, conservation and in many cases, democracy takes a distant second to greed. We are addicted to oil and we do nothing, absolutely nothing to change it. So many people and economic "experts" talk a good talk, but can't seem to walk the walk. I mean look at our government - we elect actors!!! People who are good at taking a script and reading it, just like most of the politicians in our government today. Friedman also pointed out that in the 70's, when oil prices were on the rise, it spawned huge innovation and changes to technology. We became one of the most energy conserving nations in the world and led the way for many other countries to do the same. Then, oil prices dropped again and we became lazy and complacent about conservation again. Innovation for new energy consumption dropped off in the distance and more energy consuming devices spread like fire. We started buying Hummers and gas-guzzlers like it was a free-for-all. Friedman also made a statement that I felt was dead on - that it isn't the corporations, the governments or the gas and oil companies that are going to invent the technology to remove our dependency on oil, that it will be some guy in his garage that saves the planet. When I heard him say that, I immediately thought of Professor Searl. Every day counts and the more time we spend scratching our heads and looking to the expert scientists of the world, the faster we are heading for extremely dangerous ground - a new Cold War - this time energy being the weapon and oil being the ammunition. Let me explain...

Right now, the most unstable countries on the planet are the ones dictating oil prices and oil supply. They are Saudi Arabia, Iran, Venezuela, Nigeria and several others. Between them all, we get about 70% of our oil from them. The truth is, if they decided to cut off the United States, we're finished. We would be in the worst economic disaster ever recorded in history. They have us by the balls right now and there is nothing we can do about it. Now, let's see how this plays into politics... if we need oil, and the rest of these countries have it, who has the bargaining power? Who starts having the say in foreign policy? Who is it that HAS to give in at the end of the day in order to supply the people with enough energy just to meet their basic needs? Granted, we do a lot of trading of goods and services, but that is not the point. Those countries I mentioned before, they all don't like us very much and they are all (for the most part) buddies, sharing in each other's profits. In fact, those countries don't have much of anything else to support their economies except oil, so of course they are going to milk us for as much as they can because they don't have the economy we've built. There are more politics in oil than you think. So what happens when the oil supplies start running out? Keep in mind, you have countries like India and China which, just in the last 10 years, have exploded in growth. That trend is only going to continue. Have you ever been to the park and fed some pigeons? Watch carefully when you throw just one or two pieces of bread to the hundreds that are there waiting.... what happens? They will damn near kill each other to get to that food... and it's survival of the fittest. We are the pigeons, the US and the rest of the oil dependent countries who don't have enough of our own supply and therefore depend on foreign imports. The oil is the food being thrown to us at $90 a barrel, which is still enough that we don't have to fight over it between each other...yet. What happens when the prices double or even triple? Will we do what we need to survive as a country and invade one of these other countries that have plenty of oil? Wait, oh yeah, we did that already. It has already begun with Iraq, contrary to what most think the purpose of the war was, it was for construction costs to big US companies to clean up our path of destruction and for oil rights to share with the "new" Iraq. If you didn't notice, go back and look at the news during that time... one of the first things we did when we got into Iraq was secure the oil fields... now why is that? I thought we were there for freedom and to spread democracy? Yeah... right.

The point here is that with these countries, who at one point were our enemies, only pretending to be our allies when it is in their best interests, control the one thing we need most right now. It used to be the other way around. The United States was the leading car producers, the leading electronics producers and the highest "producing" country in the world. The rest of the world needed everything we had to offer. That doesn't seem to matter much if you can't turn on your lights or drive your car to work, which is what matters today. If we don't find another means to produce energy, we will surely end up in a new Cold War. The only bright side is that even though these countries want to rob us for our hard earned money now, eventually they won't have oil either, and so they are only making the rope a little longer before they hang themselves too. It won't matter how much they suck us dry now, they will ultimately end up in the same boat and that's when I grab an oar and start beating the shit out of them till they fall out of the boat and sink to the bottom of the ocean floor.

If we're going to take the high road once again and show the rest of the world what to look forward to, a better future, we need to start with being the first country to break our dependence completely on the concept that we need to "burn" or "break" something to get energy out of it. Every type of gas we use for fuel, we burn. Through some sort of chemical reaction. When are people going to understand that every single thing in this universe is made of the same thing - atoms! All atoms have electrons... when an electron moves or jumps from one atom to another, we call this electricity when it's in amounts that we consider consumable or observable. Do you have any idea the amount of atoms that are in just the space around you? Any idea how many electrons those atoms contain and how many of them are moving or movable? More electricity is actually available than all of the worlds power creation methods combined, for as long as the earth and the sun exist! Politicians know this, they've heard it from "scientific advisers" time and time again. Those same politicians are the ones who drive Hummers and get free pensions, free medical coverage and can have their entire fortune invested in oil, yet they decide what's best for us?

Wait till you see my next blog on SEG technology....

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Science for the Skeptics...

I know this is a bold statement for anyone to make, but could Einstein have been wrong in his interpretations of the link between gravity and the other fundamental forces in physics? Is there a possibility that the so-called experts of science have been missing something that was right under their noses? What about all of the theories and scientific calculations that have been based off of certain assumptions about the relationship between magnetism and gravity not being possible? How does Professor Searl's technology relate to where I'm going with this? Well let me tell you about a story that has to do with Professor Searl...

First of all, Searl was one of the few people bold enough to make a claim that he had in fact found a way to produce a type of "gravity" that would repel; anti-gravity for the sake of this topic. He made this claim over 40 years ago and through many demonstrations and presentations where he spoke of his technology, the product of this anti-gravity effect that him and many others had claimed to witness was with the use of specially designed magnets in his Searl Effect Generator (SEG). There were 3 specific contributing factors that were recognized as part of this:
  1. Friction and heat reduced to negligible amounts. (will explain how at a later time)
  2. Spinning/Rotating magnetic fields.
  3. High amounts of electricity.
This was what Searl's SEG produced, whether he claimed it was real or not, over 40 years ago! He also used in the SEG, a material known as neodymium, which at that time was used to stain glass purple. Hardly anyone except for Searl knew the magnetic potential for it, and it wasn't until recently that neodymium was commercialized for use, which is widely used today in most speakers and MRI machines. Searl said that when the rollers of the SEG approached higher speeds, which also happened to produce enormous amounts of electricity, the SEG would eventually repel gravity. From the physics standpoint, heat moving away from something will make it cooler, yes? Let's just say for the sake of argument that you can balance something in the air between two magnetic fields... this is fact... so if the SEG rollers don't touch each other or the plates of the rings in the SEG, is it possible to say that there would be no friction except maybe some minimal air friction? Now let's also say for the sake of argument that, oh I don't know, a couple of guys named Faraday and Maxwell discovered that magnetism can move electricity by causing electrons to follow the lines of force in the magnetic field... so with that being said, is it also possible that somehow, the magnets in the SEG which are specially aligned can move electrons freely from the air and surrounding environment? That would be a LOT of electrons we're talking about. If all of his claims are bullshit, like "flowerbower" from YouTube and the other scientists who want to "truly better mankind" say they are, then riddle me this......

How come in March of 2006, gravity was created and changes in it observed for the first time ever, created in a lab by the European Space Agency? Why aren't the so-called "experts" scratching their heads and going "Holy Crap!!! That guy that we said was crazy (Searl) was right all along!"? I'll tell you why... they are still trying to disprove what was discovered so that they all don't look like the idiots they really are. This event was dubbed the "Gravitomagnetic London Moment" (GLM). For the skeptics out there, DO YOUR HOMEWORK BEFORE YOU OPEN YOUR MOUTH NEXT TIME!!!!!! There is plenty of published scientific white papers on this event and they can be found on the ESA website. The experiment was reproduced over 250 times to verify that it was not just an anomaly or a flaw in their experimentation and equipment. They were seeking to study Cooper-pair electrons and the way they behave and "stumbled" on the gravity measurements. Read on....

Now this is what I would like to point out about this. I'm not going to address the inner physics involved in the SEG just yet because even I don't understand all of it, but at least I'm willing to admit that unlike the orthodox scientific community who "can't be wrong". What I am going to address is the striking similarities in the SEG's anti-gravity claims and the way it operates along with the summary of how the GLM was produced by the experiment. The most common gripe by these so-called scientists and horribly close-minded morons in the scientific communities is that anti-gravity is impossible. It must also be impossible for the world not to be flat? Or impossible for the Earth to rotate around the sun? Or impossible to fly? Is it still impossible for the laws of physics to be wrong or violated under certain conditions? I could make an argument for that too, but I'll stay on topic. Remember the 3 things I mentioned before about Searl's claims from 40 years ago? Keep that in mind as I summarize the GLM.

There were 3 main components involved in the experiment.
  1. Super-cooled air to reduce heat and friction, which is also required for certain elements to demonstrate super-conductivity. This was done, I believe, using cryogenics with liquid nitrogen.
  2. A super-conductive ring made of niobium that was put on a rotating motor to spin it at 6500rpm. Combined with specifically large amounts of electricity (3), this created a magnetic field that along with rotation from the motor, basically creates a spinning or rotating magnetic field.
  3. Enormous amounts of electricity pumped through the superconducting ring.
Notice any similarities? Now, the greatest part of this is that nobody since the study was published can refute the evidence. Labs all over the world are trying to understand what was discovered. We're talking about the European Space Agency here, I wouldn't criticize them lightly. So, to summarize again, they took a spinning super-conductive magnetic ring and spun it around while reducing the friction with super-cooled nitrogen and increased the flow of electricity to an exponential amount. These circumstances, in a nutshell, are what led to a change in gravity 30 orders of magnitude greater than Einstein predicted. Thats something like a million billion trillion times larger, even if it was still marginal in terms of gravity and the measurements that were recorded. This represents a change in physics unlike anything that has ever taken place before, bigger than Einstein's equations in terms of applicability to the problems of the world today. This would reaffirm what I have believed since I read my first physics book... that all of the fundamental forces are one in the same, they can be unified which is what every physicist has dreamed of but was unable to do because of the elusive force of gravity.

So, how does Searl get into this? Searl didn't realize it, but he had discovered the next earth-shattering change in our understanding of the physical world long before this experiment and very few believed him. For starters, how could he know that such an effect was capable using the almost the identical means that the ESA used if he didn't already know about it? How could he have known about it 40+ years ago? He knew because he had discovered something new about magnetism that nobody else had. He was laughed at by many of the experts. Who's laughing now? The same skeptics aren't refuting what the ESA discovered in their experiments, why not? It's only because of the orthodox approach to science versus the unorthodox ones. The ESA experiment falls into the realm of the "scientists" because of the way it was carried out. If Searl was right about the claims he made of the SEG's anti-gravity capability, surely you have to assume he is right about the energy produced as well? After all, the amount of energy needed to create the anti-gravity effect seen by the ESA was tremendous, so what machines were capable of producing that kind of power back then? There weren't many, and the ones that could do it were used for making power, not experiments for super- conductivity by space agencies when we hadn't gone to space yet. The only way was if he was right about the SEG. This experiment by the ESA, to me, makes Searl and the SEG an open and shut case in terms of the skeptics. There will of course be the staunch supporters of orthodox science that won't budge in their thinking and views, but they will shortly be replaced by the ones who believe in Searl and the SEG technology, especially when it is available to the rest of the world. I intend to also set a few things straight on Searl's behalf for those who think it is so easy and simple to create an SEG and the Searl-Effect because it is absolutely elegant in its simple design, but incredibly complex in the methods required to create it. That will be coming in one of my next blogs. This one is simply to set the record straight on the assholes of the internet who think they are scientists because they understand one set of books they read in college and then go off and make uninformed and uneducated comments on something they couldn't possibly know anything about. Or the ones who study one specific field of science under extremely controlled conditions, without the ability to open up the realms of possibility to new science and yet they think they have the answer to man's problems. There are also those "scientists" that think they read enough on the internet to do some name-dropping of scientists but couldn't tell you any of the formulas used today and probably didn't even pass college physics!

And if you're asking yourself how I know so much about this technology or the man behind it, it is because I have supported Professor Searl and his team for the last 10 years and followed the science behind SEG technology. I have studied many different areas of science and physics is just one of the ones I have studied more extensively. I don't need to be a scientist to have common sense or put two and two together. But, I have done the math and used the formulas and picked apart the science. Regardless of Searl's methods of coming up with and creating the SEG, using the Law of Squares or Newtonian physics, it is irrelevant. What matters is exactly what I pointed out here. Either Searl is psychic or he has discovered something that is going to change the world forever. I'm betting on the latter....

Stay tuned for more on an explanation for those who want to understand the complexity involved in making the SEG happen, part of which is because of the skeptics that should not have anything to say about Searl or the SEG or anti-gravity after reading this blog.

Our Evolutionary Fork in the Road...

So I've been doing a fair amount of research and study over the last few months, specifically on advanced physics, quantum mechanics, quantum thermodynamics, and several other areas of science that just make me realize how truly disconnected our understanding of our physical world is. One thing that gave me hope was a recent article that discussed how physics and chemistry TOGETHER have brought together new findings in biology, which are bringing together these fields into a more connected framework of understanding. This is a great achievement as far as I'm concerned and I hope to see more of it. Even though we have evolved and we have created many amazing things from our current understanding of science, this doesn't mean that our understanding is near complete or for that matter, even correct. Here is an analogy... Let's say that you and someone else are standing in the same room, 90 degrees apart from one another. There is a piece of black paper in the room at eye level with where both of you can see. To one person, this paper looks like a long skinny line that is barely visible and appears to take up less space, to the other it looks like a flat piece of paper obstructing their view that takes up more space. This is the same problem with scientists today. One person's view can't be different from the other and each will beat each other to death trying to prove that their perspective or view is the "right" one. The fact is that they are both right. This was what turned physics upside-down with Einstein's equations versus Newton's. Before Einstein and Newton were deemed "geniuses", they were thought of as idiots and laughed at for their ideas. Some of the great men of this world were persecuted for their ideas, which later led to evolutionary leaps and bounds of technology and mankind. We look back and still don't pay credit to these people and at the same time, we continue to do the same thing today. One person in particular I am referring to is a man by the name of Professor John Searl. I've watched this man spend most of his time defending himself rather than making his idea available, which I will elaborate on shortly after my rant about our evolution.

Now, the reason for this blog is to rant about a few things on my mind that have to do with where we are as a race of intelligent beings. As we have evolved, we are now at a point where unlike in our very recent past, we now have the ability to prevent certain events the would result in our extinction. We have been fortunate enough to not have to endure such a threat (that we are aware of) but as a result of our ignorance and the greed of the few and powerful, we are at an evolutionary fork in the road. It is fast approaching. Down one path, it is a short and gloomy one, where global warming (whether man made or not), disease, starvation and a slow death await and eventually lead to our demise and extinction as a race. The other path is one of enlightenment and change, a true leap in evolutionary terms and has no end near in sight. The choices we have already made have led us to this fork in the road. If we don't make the right decision this time, and soon, we won't have the luxury of deciding. One person can't make this decision, and if we leave it to the minds of the greedy and powerful, the "conventional" and "orthodox" thinkers or the people in positions of influence because of their money, we are surely doomed. The people who are tired of the few controlling the needs and wants of the many are the ones whose right and decision it needs to be in order for change to occur. It is on this ground that our battle must begin and we will need to fight and die on this same ground for the fate of OUR future. Billionaire oil moguls and coal mine owners don't care about you and I and making sure we have energy to meet their needs... they care about how they can make more money by not meeting our needs, when they won't even live long enough to spend half of that money. You've seen it, we all have. I'm not saying that this is every rich person's thinking. But, just because someone who is wealthy gives money to charities doesn't make them "giving" when most of their motives are for tax write offs. At the surface it seems philanthropic and genuine, but it is deceptive and misleading. If you think they are so willing to give their money away, see what happens with these people when their money is being threatened to be TAKEN away. They will stop at nothing to make sure they can continue to make money and keep the status-quo. Even if took all of the money they already had to ensure that a steady stream would keep coming, they would spend every penny. You don't see Trump building free housing, do you? There are some people in this world that care about ensuring our future generations the ability to take the next step forward and continue to better ourselves and our understanding of the universe and what we come from... and there are those who only care about how they are going to spend their money today and their ability to keep on spending money tomorrow. There are those who can think openly and objectively about science, people who still know the power of imagination and there are those that are closed thinkers, blinded by arrogance and ignorance. The sad and more disturbing thing is that the world is mostly controlled by the closed thinkers, the powerful, the greedy... and we are the people that choose them and put them there. Change is a natural part of nature, everything in our existence changes. Without it, we are nothing. The more we fight it and try to prevent it, the faster we fall into the forgotten memory of what the human race "was" as we approach extinction at break-neck speeds. This is why we are at a fork in the road... are we going to continue to allow changes in our thinking and challenge views of physics, politics, religion and the such, which leads us down a more enlightened path.... or are we going to keep blinders on and continue down a linear path of self-destruction?

If you're still following my rant, this is where I'd like to talk about Professor Searl and how he is an example of everything I just talked about. In today's day and age, his story is similar to that of some of the other great thinkers of our time. He has spent most of his life defending himself against the closed thinkers and the so-called "experts" of our time. He has introduced a new perspective on something that will lead to the greatest changes ever known. He has created a device that generates sustainable electricity from the energy that is untapped and pervades our entire universe. That's right... no more oil money for the greedy, the powerful, the oil moguls, the corrupt decision makers. Do you think that the same people who control almost everything we depend on to survive, the same people who will do anything to keep their money flowing, aren't threatened by this? The difference today is that with the power of technology and the speed of communication (thanks to the internet), there is no way to prevent information from being shared by the masses... it is one of the few things in the world that can't be controlled anymore. Most people won't care about the principles and physics to help them understand what an amazing thing this man has done, but there a few that do. If you are one of them, I'll share some things with you in my next blog that I hope you find enlightening. For most people, they just want to see it work and don't care how or why. The problem is that most of the "experts" (most, not all) don't mind change if it's at the top, not the bottom. By this, I am referring to the "laws" that have been used by the orthodox scientific community as a foundation for all scientific theory. These same people are the ones that claim Professor Searl's idea is nonsense and seek ways to discredit him just because he is not one of the "experts" and has a more unorthodox view. This is the same thing that happened to people like Einstein, Newton, Tesla, Maxwell, Galileo, and many more. It is a shame that someone with such an amazing idea has to spend his life to defend it when unlike others in the past, this one idea alone can and will shape the future of mankind for centuries to come. It is my prediction, and my hope, that Professor Searl will be honored before he expires from this earth and remembered for being the man whose vision changed the world for the better and saved mankind from a horrible fate.

As a tribute to the Professor, I am going to write my next blog about something that has quietly squeaked by without much notice and if anything, is one of the most landmark discoveries in physics. It will undoubtedly validate what Professor Searl, in his more unorthodox manner, claimed was possible 50 years before being discovered in a truly orthodox environment. It also lays to rest one of the most unanswered questions in science - is gravity related to the other known forces? The answer is YES and along with that comes certain assumptions that one must conclude about Searl's claims. This is where people like "flowerbower" and the other closed thinkers from his YouTube video forums will have nothing more to say if they are truly "scientists" and not just looking for something to debunk because it makes them look stupid. I'll also elaborate more on this in my next blog. Stay tuned for more....

Thursday, October 25, 2007

We're All Slaves to Energy!

Think that I'm being sarcastic? Think again... since you were born into it and the world around you is the material view of it, energy at its essence is taken for granted. It is this "mysterious" entity that is part of everything in our existence and yet we understand so little about it. It is abstract and meaningless to the everyday person, but yet we are slaves to it in one way or another. Let me explain...

Energy is thought of to be the most basic element of everything in existence. It is what we define as "what is left when you can't break something down into anything smaller" basically, which is one of the ways people think of it when they think about energy. The other way, which is more common amongst the scientists of the world, is that energy is the "amount of work" something does, that something being just about anything we know of. I like to think of energy as everything, and I mean everything. One of the pillars of physics is the law of conservation of energy which basically says that you can not create or destroy energy, but it can change states. This is a nice spin that the scientific world has put on energy to simply say "we don't have a fargin clue what energy does!" and with all of our technology and orthodox scientific methods, we still don't have a clue. But the one thing we can say is that we have OBSERVED that energy isn't created or destroyed. By throwing the term "it can change states" in there, it basically leaves the door open to interpretation. When I think of energy, I think of it in different states as being magnetism, matter/mass, gravity, light and others that we probably don't know about yet like dark matter and dark energy. This seems logical to me that the whole universe is energy and everything in our observable world is just the many different states and incredibly complex manipulations of those different states that it is almost impossible to think about without getting an aneurism. Since everything is made up of energy, and the same energy that is created by the gas and oil we burn is also the same energy that is in the air we breathe, just in a different state, why are we paying for our energy? Why do we spend so much effort to manipulate one form of energy like mass and matter, instead of trying to understand and manipulate other forms of energy?

We have been preyed upon and deprived of something that is our natural right by the greedy, the evil and the powerful. The sun produces enough energy to supply the earth's demands FOREVER, only IF we knew how to properly manipulate the many different forms of energy it provides. We are making attempts at it, but are still blinded by our own ignorance and arrogance as well as stuck in the orthodox scientific dogma that has been passed on to us. So-called "laws" of physics only because our understanding of nature prevents us from being able to say otherwise. New discoveries are always being made but unless our understanding of energy changes, we're just treading water. Conventional science has done a pretty crappy job at finding the answers to our problems today. It is time for people to be aware of what is happening to our civilization and the way we have been manipulated by people who could care less about the continuation of our species. Do people really think that because we can split an atom or create fusion that we know anything about energy? Free energy is not a myth, it's all free, all of the energy in the universe is free... IF you know how to use it in an efficient enough way. I'm not talking about creating free energy, I'm referring to manipulating the energy that is already free all around us to do work for us in a usable fashion. The sun does it every day, your bodies do it every day, it's happening all around us in nature, yet we pay for it in our every day lives in just about everything we do and don't ask why.... what the hell is that?!

So are you still asking how we're slaves to energy? Simple economics... I'll walk you through an example.... let's use something like the food you eat, like a dinner of spaghetti and meatballs. Now, when we're talking about energy here, we're talking about it in every form, including the pots and pans, the packaging for the food, everything. So, we start with what it costs the farmers to run their tractors, the energy and fuel costs for tending to their cattle and growing the grains and vegetables used for pasta and sauce. Then you have the heavy machinery to butcher the meat and refine the grains and vegetables and the cost to power them. After that, you have the cost to package everything, including the same costs for those packages and the machines and materials that make them! After everything is packaged, you have the cost of energy to ship things and distribute them to your grocery store. (I'm simplifying things for the sake of keeping this short) Once in the store, you have the cost of the store to keep them on the shelves for you, and included in that is the cost of disposal if it goes bad. Then you spend money on gas to get to the store to ultimately pay for all of the energy costs handed down to you from way back at the farmer. Now include the cost of what you spent for the pots and pans to be made, the heating expenses to cook your food, the cooling expenses to keep it cold before you are ready to cook it, the heating of the water to do your dishes, etc. So as you can clearly see, what your money goes to just for a simple meal to survive is not for the food, it is to pay for the all of the energy it costs to get it to your stomach. What you thought costs you a few bucks really costs you a lot more in both principle and in reality.

We are slaves to energy and the people that control it when it was never meant to be controlled to begin with. We discovered fire, it wasn't sold to us. We didn't have to pay for the sun, it is there for us to use. Maybe that is why Egyptians worshiped the sun? Maybe they were smarter then than we are now. How much longer are we going to sit back and watch as oil prices climb? Right now, we take little bits of the earth and we change the state of it from being "earth" to being "furl" to burn energy and "make" all of the things we see, so we are in fact destroying the earth. Why can't we use the energy that is already there more efficiently to do the same things? Because if it was free, nobody would pay for it, which kinda hurts the greedy people... and we know how greedy people can be, they will hold on to a buck till they die and you pry it from their dead hands! Except we're not talking about a buck, we're talking about trillions of them so they tend to be more emphatic about losing their bread-winning control over everyone.

Wake up people... we're allowing this to continue, we're allowing it to happen. One person might not carry a loud enough voice, but in numbers we can not be ignored. Are you asking yourself what you can do about it? How can you contribute? Look into SEG technology and a man named professor Searl for starters. Think of him as today's Tesla, only smarter. His technology could save the world and it is being ignored. Don't you think you should start asking why? Eventually, someone is going to have to answer.... make the choice now before it's too late and you or the children of this world don't have the choice available to them anymore. What's worse, knowing and not doing something about it or not doing something about it and pretending you didn't know? I bring to you the spark that I hope will light your fire to start asking questions and working towards a better world for all of mankind.

For Starters...

For starters, let me just say that I'm not a know-it-all, I don't claim to be the smartest person on the planet and I certainly don't think that I am right about everything. Chances are though, I am usually dead on or pretty close to it with the subjects that I choose to talk about. I will either make your brain hurt, make you laugh or make you really think and look inside yourself for answers to some tough questions. It could be anything from global warming to Britney and Paris depending on my mood and what I've got on my mind that I feel like getting rid of to make room for other crap that just festers in my mind... so I found this great site to vent out some of these thoughts that have plagued me for so long.

You'll quickly realize a few things about me that I can probably point out now... I talk a lot about science, technology and computers most of the time. I also tend to rant about politics but you won't hear me make biased comments, just common sense rhetoric. Speaking of common sense, has anyone read the obituary for it? Looks like common sense is dead... It seems that this has become a commodity these days...

As far as my background, I've worked in computers for the last 15 years and I have to say, it has exposed me to so many different types of businesses and fields of study. I've worked in the scientific field (elementary and particle physics, chaos theory, quantum thermodynamic equations and more), the medical field, advertising and marketing, weather, news, television, radio, education, finance, government and many many more. I've had the chance to put my hands on so many things and the opportunity to educate myself in ways that I would have never had with most other careers. This has given me a solid understanding of many fields of study and although I might not have mastered some of these fields as some people have, I was often required to know just as much as the "experts" in order to help them accomplish their computing and software needs. My current area of expertise is Microsoft.NET and most Microsoft related technologies but I've worked in different doses with pretty much every type of programming language and operating system used in the last 3 decades. It wasn't until recently that I felt comfortable enough (with all of the information in my head from over the years) to put things into coherent thoughts and words, so now I bestow my madness upon the rest of the world. (evil laugh)

So enough about me, on to the blogging! I hope you enjoy the things I have to say, and if you don't, I really don't care to be honest. This is about what I think, not what you think. And as the name implies, you can ask me anything and I will do my best to answer it, and if I don't know the answer, I can usually find it for you. Happy reading and please feel free to post your comments or questions in the appropriate areas.