Saturday, October 27, 2007

Our Evolutionary Fork in the Road...

So I've been doing a fair amount of research and study over the last few months, specifically on advanced physics, quantum mechanics, quantum thermodynamics, and several other areas of science that just make me realize how truly disconnected our understanding of our physical world is. One thing that gave me hope was a recent article that discussed how physics and chemistry TOGETHER have brought together new findings in biology, which are bringing together these fields into a more connected framework of understanding. This is a great achievement as far as I'm concerned and I hope to see more of it. Even though we have evolved and we have created many amazing things from our current understanding of science, this doesn't mean that our understanding is near complete or for that matter, even correct. Here is an analogy... Let's say that you and someone else are standing in the same room, 90 degrees apart from one another. There is a piece of black paper in the room at eye level with where both of you can see. To one person, this paper looks like a long skinny line that is barely visible and appears to take up less space, to the other it looks like a flat piece of paper obstructing their view that takes up more space. This is the same problem with scientists today. One person's view can't be different from the other and each will beat each other to death trying to prove that their perspective or view is the "right" one. The fact is that they are both right. This was what turned physics upside-down with Einstein's equations versus Newton's. Before Einstein and Newton were deemed "geniuses", they were thought of as idiots and laughed at for their ideas. Some of the great men of this world were persecuted for their ideas, which later led to evolutionary leaps and bounds of technology and mankind. We look back and still don't pay credit to these people and at the same time, we continue to do the same thing today. One person in particular I am referring to is a man by the name of Professor John Searl. I've watched this man spend most of his time defending himself rather than making his idea available, which I will elaborate on shortly after my rant about our evolution.

Now, the reason for this blog is to rant about a few things on my mind that have to do with where we are as a race of intelligent beings. As we have evolved, we are now at a point where unlike in our very recent past, we now have the ability to prevent certain events the would result in our extinction. We have been fortunate enough to not have to endure such a threat (that we are aware of) but as a result of our ignorance and the greed of the few and powerful, we are at an evolutionary fork in the road. It is fast approaching. Down one path, it is a short and gloomy one, where global warming (whether man made or not), disease, starvation and a slow death await and eventually lead to our demise and extinction as a race. The other path is one of enlightenment and change, a true leap in evolutionary terms and has no end near in sight. The choices we have already made have led us to this fork in the road. If we don't make the right decision this time, and soon, we won't have the luxury of deciding. One person can't make this decision, and if we leave it to the minds of the greedy and powerful, the "conventional" and "orthodox" thinkers or the people in positions of influence because of their money, we are surely doomed. The people who are tired of the few controlling the needs and wants of the many are the ones whose right and decision it needs to be in order for change to occur. It is on this ground that our battle must begin and we will need to fight and die on this same ground for the fate of OUR future. Billionaire oil moguls and coal mine owners don't care about you and I and making sure we have energy to meet their needs... they care about how they can make more money by not meeting our needs, when they won't even live long enough to spend half of that money. You've seen it, we all have. I'm not saying that this is every rich person's thinking. But, just because someone who is wealthy gives money to charities doesn't make them "giving" when most of their motives are for tax write offs. At the surface it seems philanthropic and genuine, but it is deceptive and misleading. If you think they are so willing to give their money away, see what happens with these people when their money is being threatened to be TAKEN away. They will stop at nothing to make sure they can continue to make money and keep the status-quo. Even if took all of the money they already had to ensure that a steady stream would keep coming, they would spend every penny. You don't see Trump building free housing, do you? There are some people in this world that care about ensuring our future generations the ability to take the next step forward and continue to better ourselves and our understanding of the universe and what we come from... and there are those who only care about how they are going to spend their money today and their ability to keep on spending money tomorrow. There are those who can think openly and objectively about science, people who still know the power of imagination and there are those that are closed thinkers, blinded by arrogance and ignorance. The sad and more disturbing thing is that the world is mostly controlled by the closed thinkers, the powerful, the greedy... and we are the people that choose them and put them there. Change is a natural part of nature, everything in our existence changes. Without it, we are nothing. The more we fight it and try to prevent it, the faster we fall into the forgotten memory of what the human race "was" as we approach extinction at break-neck speeds. This is why we are at a fork in the road... are we going to continue to allow changes in our thinking and challenge views of physics, politics, religion and the such, which leads us down a more enlightened path.... or are we going to keep blinders on and continue down a linear path of self-destruction?

If you're still following my rant, this is where I'd like to talk about Professor Searl and how he is an example of everything I just talked about. In today's day and age, his story is similar to that of some of the other great thinkers of our time. He has spent most of his life defending himself against the closed thinkers and the so-called "experts" of our time. He has introduced a new perspective on something that will lead to the greatest changes ever known. He has created a device that generates sustainable electricity from the energy that is untapped and pervades our entire universe. That's right... no more oil money for the greedy, the powerful, the oil moguls, the corrupt decision makers. Do you think that the same people who control almost everything we depend on to survive, the same people who will do anything to keep their money flowing, aren't threatened by this? The difference today is that with the power of technology and the speed of communication (thanks to the internet), there is no way to prevent information from being shared by the masses... it is one of the few things in the world that can't be controlled anymore. Most people won't care about the principles and physics to help them understand what an amazing thing this man has done, but there a few that do. If you are one of them, I'll share some things with you in my next blog that I hope you find enlightening. For most people, they just want to see it work and don't care how or why. The problem is that most of the "experts" (most, not all) don't mind change if it's at the top, not the bottom. By this, I am referring to the "laws" that have been used by the orthodox scientific community as a foundation for all scientific theory. These same people are the ones that claim Professor Searl's idea is nonsense and seek ways to discredit him just because he is not one of the "experts" and has a more unorthodox view. This is the same thing that happened to people like Einstein, Newton, Tesla, Maxwell, Galileo, and many more. It is a shame that someone with such an amazing idea has to spend his life to defend it when unlike others in the past, this one idea alone can and will shape the future of mankind for centuries to come. It is my prediction, and my hope, that Professor Searl will be honored before he expires from this earth and remembered for being the man whose vision changed the world for the better and saved mankind from a horrible fate.

As a tribute to the Professor, I am going to write my next blog about something that has quietly squeaked by without much notice and if anything, is one of the most landmark discoveries in physics. It will undoubtedly validate what Professor Searl, in his more unorthodox manner, claimed was possible 50 years before being discovered in a truly orthodox environment. It also lays to rest one of the most unanswered questions in science - is gravity related to the other known forces? The answer is YES and along with that comes certain assumptions that one must conclude about Searl's claims. This is where people like "flowerbower" and the other closed thinkers from his YouTube video forums will have nothing more to say if they are truly "scientists" and not just looking for something to debunk because it makes them look stupid. I'll also elaborate more on this in my next blog. Stay tuned for more....

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Paul Fennimore said...


Your right on the money when you speak of a time (which is now) that something has to be done to start moving in another direction, the one we are on now and have been on for quite some time shows me that this world is heading for disaster – along with this new age of information (The Internet) came the ability for third world countries to view first hand how others live, they see department stores, people riding cars, ads for just about anything conceivable that would bring one pleasure and who can blame them for wanting it as well – enter the oil glut and along with it war where even more money is being made by the greedy. All of these problems we see today can become non-existent when we eliminate the need for oil which exists today as the only source of energy that can meet the demands of the masses and each day that demand gets bigger, the population is growing around the world, more and more people are wanting what the major countries have and when looking in from a distance and seeing what is going on around the world today there is no doubt changes must occur. I am in agreement with you that Professor John R R Searl has the answer, his technology is more promising than any I have ever seen in my lifetime (63 years) and to watch him struggle as he does to bring this technology to the masses due to fear and greed not only by oil men but by those in power within governments who depend on the power and money there structured use of oil gives them. Even as we see our world in trouble, men dying, people starving, good hard working folks who spend most of what they earn for there needs and use of energy in one form or another or in one way or another, crop failures due to drought which is also due to the restricted cost to supply these areas with water, most of all the troubles of this world we live in are due to the restricted cost of energy and the making of money by those who cannot see past there noses unless of course there’s a buck in front of it. But there is one belief I do have in my country and I believe it holds true throughout the rest of the world – the power ultimately is in the people, the masses, and when they are informed well enough as to what’s going on they will surely act and I am of the belief that we here in the United States must be one of the first to do so and lead the way for others to follow – easier said then done – but it must be done.