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Science for the Skeptics...

I know this is a bold statement for anyone to make, but could Einstein have been wrong in his interpretations of the link between gravity and the other fundamental forces in physics? Is there a possibility that the so-called experts of science have been missing something that was right under their noses? What about all of the theories and scientific calculations that have been based off of certain assumptions about the relationship between magnetism and gravity not being possible? How does Professor Searl's technology relate to where I'm going with this? Well let me tell you about a story that has to do with Professor Searl...

First of all, Searl was one of the few people bold enough to make a claim that he had in fact found a way to produce a type of "gravity" that would repel; anti-gravity for the sake of this topic. He made this claim over 40 years ago and through many demonstrations and presentations where he spoke of his technology, the product of this anti-gravity effect that him and many others had claimed to witness was with the use of specially designed magnets in his Searl Effect Generator (SEG). There were 3 specific contributing factors that were recognized as part of this:
  1. Friction and heat reduced to negligible amounts. (will explain how at a later time)
  2. Spinning/Rotating magnetic fields.
  3. High amounts of electricity.
This was what Searl's SEG produced, whether he claimed it was real or not, over 40 years ago! He also used in the SEG, a material known as neodymium, which at that time was used to stain glass purple. Hardly anyone except for Searl knew the magnetic potential for it, and it wasn't until recently that neodymium was commercialized for use, which is widely used today in most speakers and MRI machines. Searl said that when the rollers of the SEG approached higher speeds, which also happened to produce enormous amounts of electricity, the SEG would eventually repel gravity. From the physics standpoint, heat moving away from something will make it cooler, yes? Let's just say for the sake of argument that you can balance something in the air between two magnetic fields... this is fact... so if the SEG rollers don't touch each other or the plates of the rings in the SEG, is it possible to say that there would be no friction except maybe some minimal air friction? Now let's also say for the sake of argument that, oh I don't know, a couple of guys named Faraday and Maxwell discovered that magnetism can move electricity by causing electrons to follow the lines of force in the magnetic field... so with that being said, is it also possible that somehow, the magnets in the SEG which are specially aligned can move electrons freely from the air and surrounding environment? That would be a LOT of electrons we're talking about. If all of his claims are bullshit, like "flowerbower" from YouTube and the other scientists who want to "truly better mankind" say they are, then riddle me this......

How come in March of 2006, gravity was created and changes in it observed for the first time ever, created in a lab by the European Space Agency? Why aren't the so-called "experts" scratching their heads and going "Holy Crap!!! That guy that we said was crazy (Searl) was right all along!"? I'll tell you why... they are still trying to disprove what was discovered so that they all don't look like the idiots they really are. This event was dubbed the "Gravitomagnetic London Moment" (GLM). For the skeptics out there, DO YOUR HOMEWORK BEFORE YOU OPEN YOUR MOUTH NEXT TIME!!!!!! There is plenty of published scientific white papers on this event and they can be found on the ESA website. The experiment was reproduced over 250 times to verify that it was not just an anomaly or a flaw in their experimentation and equipment. They were seeking to study Cooper-pair electrons and the way they behave and "stumbled" on the gravity measurements. Read on....

Now this is what I would like to point out about this. I'm not going to address the inner physics involved in the SEG just yet because even I don't understand all of it, but at least I'm willing to admit that unlike the orthodox scientific community who "can't be wrong". What I am going to address is the striking similarities in the SEG's anti-gravity claims and the way it operates along with the summary of how the GLM was produced by the experiment. The most common gripe by these so-called scientists and horribly close-minded morons in the scientific communities is that anti-gravity is impossible. It must also be impossible for the world not to be flat? Or impossible for the Earth to rotate around the sun? Or impossible to fly? Is it still impossible for the laws of physics to be wrong or violated under certain conditions? I could make an argument for that too, but I'll stay on topic. Remember the 3 things I mentioned before about Searl's claims from 40 years ago? Keep that in mind as I summarize the GLM.

There were 3 main components involved in the experiment.
  1. Super-cooled air to reduce heat and friction, which is also required for certain elements to demonstrate super-conductivity. This was done, I believe, using cryogenics with liquid nitrogen.
  2. A super-conductive ring made of niobium that was put on a rotating motor to spin it at 6500rpm. Combined with specifically large amounts of electricity (3), this created a magnetic field that along with rotation from the motor, basically creates a spinning or rotating magnetic field.
  3. Enormous amounts of electricity pumped through the superconducting ring.
Notice any similarities? Now, the greatest part of this is that nobody since the study was published can refute the evidence. Labs all over the world are trying to understand what was discovered. We're talking about the European Space Agency here, I wouldn't criticize them lightly. So, to summarize again, they took a spinning super-conductive magnetic ring and spun it around while reducing the friction with super-cooled nitrogen and increased the flow of electricity to an exponential amount. These circumstances, in a nutshell, are what led to a change in gravity 30 orders of magnitude greater than Einstein predicted. Thats something like a million billion trillion times larger, even if it was still marginal in terms of gravity and the measurements that were recorded. This represents a change in physics unlike anything that has ever taken place before, bigger than Einstein's equations in terms of applicability to the problems of the world today. This would reaffirm what I have believed since I read my first physics book... that all of the fundamental forces are one in the same, they can be unified which is what every physicist has dreamed of but was unable to do because of the elusive force of gravity.

So, how does Searl get into this? Searl didn't realize it, but he had discovered the next earth-shattering change in our understanding of the physical world long before this experiment and very few believed him. For starters, how could he know that such an effect was capable using the almost the identical means that the ESA used if he didn't already know about it? How could he have known about it 40+ years ago? He knew because he had discovered something new about magnetism that nobody else had. He was laughed at by many of the experts. Who's laughing now? The same skeptics aren't refuting what the ESA discovered in their experiments, why not? It's only because of the orthodox approach to science versus the unorthodox ones. The ESA experiment falls into the realm of the "scientists" because of the way it was carried out. If Searl was right about the claims he made of the SEG's anti-gravity capability, surely you have to assume he is right about the energy produced as well? After all, the amount of energy needed to create the anti-gravity effect seen by the ESA was tremendous, so what machines were capable of producing that kind of power back then? There weren't many, and the ones that could do it were used for making power, not experiments for super- conductivity by space agencies when we hadn't gone to space yet. The only way was if he was right about the SEG. This experiment by the ESA, to me, makes Searl and the SEG an open and shut case in terms of the skeptics. There will of course be the staunch supporters of orthodox science that won't budge in their thinking and views, but they will shortly be replaced by the ones who believe in Searl and the SEG technology, especially when it is available to the rest of the world. I intend to also set a few things straight on Searl's behalf for those who think it is so easy and simple to create an SEG and the Searl-Effect because it is absolutely elegant in its simple design, but incredibly complex in the methods required to create it. That will be coming in one of my next blogs. This one is simply to set the record straight on the assholes of the internet who think they are scientists because they understand one set of books they read in college and then go off and make uninformed and uneducated comments on something they couldn't possibly know anything about. Or the ones who study one specific field of science under extremely controlled conditions, without the ability to open up the realms of possibility to new science and yet they think they have the answer to man's problems. There are also those "scientists" that think they read enough on the internet to do some name-dropping of scientists but couldn't tell you any of the formulas used today and probably didn't even pass college physics!

And if you're asking yourself how I know so much about this technology or the man behind it, it is because I have supported Professor Searl and his team for the last 10 years and followed the science behind SEG technology. I have studied many different areas of science and physics is just one of the ones I have studied more extensively. I don't need to be a scientist to have common sense or put two and two together. But, I have done the math and used the formulas and picked apart the science. Regardless of Searl's methods of coming up with and creating the SEG, using the Law of Squares or Newtonian physics, it is irrelevant. What matters is exactly what I pointed out here. Either Searl is psychic or he has discovered something that is going to change the world forever. I'm betting on the latter....

Stay tuned for more on an explanation for those who want to understand the complexity involved in making the SEG happen, part of which is because of the skeptics that should not have anything to say about Searl or the SEG or anti-gravity after reading this blog.

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