Thursday, October 25, 2007

We're All Slaves to Energy!

Think that I'm being sarcastic? Think again... since you were born into it and the world around you is the material view of it, energy at its essence is taken for granted. It is this "mysterious" entity that is part of everything in our existence and yet we understand so little about it. It is abstract and meaningless to the everyday person, but yet we are slaves to it in one way or another. Let me explain...

Energy is thought of to be the most basic element of everything in existence. It is what we define as "what is left when you can't break something down into anything smaller" basically, which is one of the ways people think of it when they think about energy. The other way, which is more common amongst the scientists of the world, is that energy is the "amount of work" something does, that something being just about anything we know of. I like to think of energy as everything, and I mean everything. One of the pillars of physics is the law of conservation of energy which basically says that you can not create or destroy energy, but it can change states. This is a nice spin that the scientific world has put on energy to simply say "we don't have a fargin clue what energy does!" and with all of our technology and orthodox scientific methods, we still don't have a clue. But the one thing we can say is that we have OBSERVED that energy isn't created or destroyed. By throwing the term "it can change states" in there, it basically leaves the door open to interpretation. When I think of energy, I think of it in different states as being magnetism, matter/mass, gravity, light and others that we probably don't know about yet like dark matter and dark energy. This seems logical to me that the whole universe is energy and everything in our observable world is just the many different states and incredibly complex manipulations of those different states that it is almost impossible to think about without getting an aneurism. Since everything is made up of energy, and the same energy that is created by the gas and oil we burn is also the same energy that is in the air we breathe, just in a different state, why are we paying for our energy? Why do we spend so much effort to manipulate one form of energy like mass and matter, instead of trying to understand and manipulate other forms of energy?

We have been preyed upon and deprived of something that is our natural right by the greedy, the evil and the powerful. The sun produces enough energy to supply the earth's demands FOREVER, only IF we knew how to properly manipulate the many different forms of energy it provides. We are making attempts at it, but are still blinded by our own ignorance and arrogance as well as stuck in the orthodox scientific dogma that has been passed on to us. So-called "laws" of physics only because our understanding of nature prevents us from being able to say otherwise. New discoveries are always being made but unless our understanding of energy changes, we're just treading water. Conventional science has done a pretty crappy job at finding the answers to our problems today. It is time for people to be aware of what is happening to our civilization and the way we have been manipulated by people who could care less about the continuation of our species. Do people really think that because we can split an atom or create fusion that we know anything about energy? Free energy is not a myth, it's all free, all of the energy in the universe is free... IF you know how to use it in an efficient enough way. I'm not talking about creating free energy, I'm referring to manipulating the energy that is already free all around us to do work for us in a usable fashion. The sun does it every day, your bodies do it every day, it's happening all around us in nature, yet we pay for it in our every day lives in just about everything we do and don't ask why.... what the hell is that?!

So are you still asking how we're slaves to energy? Simple economics... I'll walk you through an example.... let's use something like the food you eat, like a dinner of spaghetti and meatballs. Now, when we're talking about energy here, we're talking about it in every form, including the pots and pans, the packaging for the food, everything. So, we start with what it costs the farmers to run their tractors, the energy and fuel costs for tending to their cattle and growing the grains and vegetables used for pasta and sauce. Then you have the heavy machinery to butcher the meat and refine the grains and vegetables and the cost to power them. After that, you have the cost to package everything, including the same costs for those packages and the machines and materials that make them! After everything is packaged, you have the cost of energy to ship things and distribute them to your grocery store. (I'm simplifying things for the sake of keeping this short) Once in the store, you have the cost of the store to keep them on the shelves for you, and included in that is the cost of disposal if it goes bad. Then you spend money on gas to get to the store to ultimately pay for all of the energy costs handed down to you from way back at the farmer. Now include the cost of what you spent for the pots and pans to be made, the heating expenses to cook your food, the cooling expenses to keep it cold before you are ready to cook it, the heating of the water to do your dishes, etc. So as you can clearly see, what your money goes to just for a simple meal to survive is not for the food, it is to pay for the all of the energy it costs to get it to your stomach. What you thought costs you a few bucks really costs you a lot more in both principle and in reality.

We are slaves to energy and the people that control it when it was never meant to be controlled to begin with. We discovered fire, it wasn't sold to us. We didn't have to pay for the sun, it is there for us to use. Maybe that is why Egyptians worshiped the sun? Maybe they were smarter then than we are now. How much longer are we going to sit back and watch as oil prices climb? Right now, we take little bits of the earth and we change the state of it from being "earth" to being "furl" to burn energy and "make" all of the things we see, so we are in fact destroying the earth. Why can't we use the energy that is already there more efficiently to do the same things? Because if it was free, nobody would pay for it, which kinda hurts the greedy people... and we know how greedy people can be, they will hold on to a buck till they die and you pry it from their dead hands! Except we're not talking about a buck, we're talking about trillions of them so they tend to be more emphatic about losing their bread-winning control over everyone.

Wake up people... we're allowing this to continue, we're allowing it to happen. One person might not carry a loud enough voice, but in numbers we can not be ignored. Are you asking yourself what you can do about it? How can you contribute? Look into SEG technology and a man named professor Searl for starters. Think of him as today's Tesla, only smarter. His technology could save the world and it is being ignored. Don't you think you should start asking why? Eventually, someone is going to have to answer.... make the choice now before it's too late and you or the children of this world don't have the choice available to them anymore. What's worse, knowing and not doing something about it or not doing something about it and pretending you didn't know? I bring to you the spark that I hope will light your fire to start asking questions and working towards a better world for all of mankind.

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